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SCAMMED, counterfeit used golf clubs on Kijiji Greater Toronto Area Golf Forum

Once we will receive further information we will be able to look further into your account history and contact you accordingly for further assistance. We are very happy to hear that your issue has been resolves to your full satisfaction. We have now forward your information to one of our reps who will review your account, and contact you for further information.

Charlie is apparently handicapped and uses hand controls to drive around. I can’t believe a so called car enthusiast would even try selling those, and with half a pound of dirt caked on. One final complication involves the fact that Charlie advertised itrader review these pieces as authentic, and I just confirmed 2 days ago that they are in fact NOT . The replicas go for ~$160 painted on eBay, while I spent a total of $660 for the same thing, used. Lesson learned I guess, albeit an expensive one.

  • The company Gainsy allegedly started its activities in 1998, but the web resource appeared in 2012.
  • That’s fine, and where buyer/seller decide to meet is their prerogative.
  • Roseburger initially asked RFDers to contact him because he wanted to purchase a $150 desktop.

Like i said its up to the users to decide what they want but i mean if this thread still exists then people will know to avoid him in the future . As long as the story has been told then to me thats enough information for people to stay away. And as for new users i was not referring to you. They guarantee their work and it won’t damage any part of your car. I have spent time researching this but never have used them. I also couldn’t come to a conclusion as to wether they really work or not.

People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active. I think this is one of the few on-line traders that you can trust. I opened an account recently with £250 and then found I had to live in France for some time without good internet access so wanted to close my account. The whole process was performed with the minimum of fuss and I received a refund of the £250 within 3 days. The whole investment strategy seemed good too.

Umm saving up some money for the sub and amps and all the wiring I need to get to all the parts.. Be sure to use the coupon code at our website Soon as this stuff is gone, there will not be any more sales like this for quite some time. In fact, it has more adhesive strength than our regular material, but it just looks a bit blotchy.

Always verify that the broker you choose to invest with, is licensed by your local financial regulator. The broker’s main office is located in Hong Kong, although other sources mention Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ island state. The company Gainsy allegedly started its activities in 1998, but the web resource appeared in 2012. It remains a mystery what the broker has been doing for almost 15 years. Any legislation does not regulate the activities of the Gainsy brokereven in offshore countries.

It’s scam

If only mtb were so easy, with that whole, pesky, rolling resistance thing coming into play… The buy and sell is a fantastic resource, but it’s important to make an effort to weed out the bad. The last major purchase I made was a Fox34 FIT. Picture showed a new-ish fork with a remote. What I received had scratched stanchions and no remote . He had told me there was no damage and clearly showed the remote in the pic.

itrader scam

Honestly, the guy who’s not happy with the HD doesn’t say which compound they’re using…. If it’s the budget version then that will have a lot to do with the problems they are experiencing. I wont be buying a frame from PinkBike anytime soon that’s for sure.

So for safety, I think it’s reasonable for anyone to decline the sale as the buyer seemed to insisted that they meet at seller’s house. If I were new to RFD, I’d be a stranger to you guys too, and obviously I’d want to ensure the computer I was buying was working well, and for what roseburger said, to be as convenient as possible for the seller. We’re here if you need to drop-off documentation, for cheque pickup/drop-off and for general questions at the times below. Getting to know our clients better and hearing your personal feedback helps us ensure that we always deliver the best possible service. After some back and forth with the moderator involved, Charlie agreed to my $80 refund idea. As a safety precaution to the other Club Lexus members, the moderator banned Charlie from the forums.

Ask Pinkbike: Downsizing Wheels, Choosing a Front Tire, and Buying a Used Bike

I didn’t so much care, because I’m good a fixing scratched stanchions, and don’t want the adjustment, but this is a perfect example of a seller doing his best to deceive the buyer. First things first, you should definitely not feel skeptical about switching between wheel sizes, be it going from 29″ to 27.5″ or vice versa. We’re at the point now where there are great trail bikes available with either wheel size that everyone is going to enjoy riding. The one caveat here is the Habit’s Lefty fork that isn’t up to snuff compared to a Pike or 34 when talking about damper performance, so keep that in mind.

itrader scam

People say the biggest difference you can change to your system is to add a subwoofer. Which is true, it is the most noticable difference. But running an amplifier to a good set of speakers makes the BEST difference.

Join us as we unbox, review and benchmark the best computer hardware on the market. His credit card company should not have to foot the bill on this one. If you do be sure to give your credit company every detail about who this individual is, they may very well go after her/affect her credit. That is of course they even provided you with real information. Pretty sure there’re builders forums where I’m sure peeps will be more than happy to help.

Which is a shame, because I’ve been ripped off in the past and had to report a scammer. We also really need a feedback option to help keep sellers honest. I would concentrate on the frame to start with, followed by the most expensive components, if the chain is worn out it won’t break the bank if you don’t spot it.

Electronic rust inhibitor – any recommendations?

Carbon rims are available from a number of brands including Ibis. Alloy rims like Velocity Blunt have been around for a while, and now some manufacturers are releasing wider alloy versions such as WTB ASYM and Syntace W35 & W40. Expect more brands to release rims soon. If a shop sells the rims they should sell the tyres to suit. On the biggest German MTB website ( there is a huge buy/sell section as well. I would be happy with a trader rating much like has, it’s very similar to the up vote down vote system in our comments although it would be attached to a sellers profile.

I spent a DECADE stripping them down and rebuilding them, and am extremely familiar with how they work. I’ve also spent a ton of time on every version of the 34 going back six years, including prototype versions that never saw production but led to the forks that we’re riding now. The same goes for the Pike, and, for what’s it worth, I’ve even been to the factories where both companies assemble forks. Used parts can be a good deal but I always check local & online sales / clearances / new old stock prices first. A good rule of thumb for buying / selling is a used part in good condition should be half-price or less compared to the lowest price I can find for the same new part.

I think it wouldn’t have been a big deal if 403viet was just like I’m so sorry about this, I shouldn’t have ended the communication. I will return half of your money and you can send it back to me when the wheels arrive at your door. The ultimate financial damage to me was $100 sent as a gift for the pieces, ~$160 for the shipping I didn’t ask for, and $400 I spent repairing and painting these pieces, for a grand total of $660. If you would like I can give you some old clubs to trade in to golftown for the current trade in promotion. This is not a very good first post I know, but i just started golfing and wasn’t visiting any golfing forums before.


My cheap a#$ refuses to pay much more than $60 for a tire. The first thing would be to check out the Buy and Sell Safety Tips in the forum. There’s pretty much all the advice you could ever need collated together in this one place.

The one thing that the luxury cars have, that ours do not, is a LOT of sound dampening. Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there. If I remember correctly, and if you used Paypal, you can claim to get your money back somehow. Hardware Canucks is focused in-depth reviews of the the latest graphics cards, CPUs, storage, smartphones, notebooks and gaming peripherals.

I’m generally a pretty easy going guy and believe in fair and honest trades and dealings with fellow folks in the airsoft community. As much as I hate to turn up the heat, i’m afraid in this circumstance i’m going to have to. I certainly hope that the seller comes clean and pays up. There is NO realistic or acceptable argument, insurance or not. NO ONE in their right mind would ever ship a valuable item that clearly said ” I AM A $500.00 GFX card, STEAL ME” I have doubts the card was ever in the package, or that the tracking bill is actually real. Hmmm I can mail a brick to a false address with a postal code and get a receipt for it.

Charlie Huynh your the biggest homo loser scammer fag in Calgary. Your drive a car that you cannot even afford and could not get laid if you gave your car to the girl. I personally don’t believe in them, but that’s just my opinion. If it was me I would spend a little more and get something like this for the winter…

It always a good idea to ask if all the clubs are serialized, always ask the seller where they purchased the clubs and if you can return them if they are knock offs. Forex scammer list is updated daily with new dubious intermediaries, most of whom are scammers. Traders often realize that they were tricked after their funds had been stolen. If you want to avoid such unfortunate consequences, we recommend that you learn from the mistakes of deceived Forex traders and carefully study the reviews on scammers. The headquarters of the service were founded in the Republic of Vanuatu. The exact address of the main office is not indicated anywhere on the Internet.

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